Black Shadow Aviation

Roy L. Stafford
P.O. Box 15035
Amelia Island, FL 32035

Phone: 904-334-2154

Roy L. Stafford
Marine Pilot Roy Stafford (Shadow) in cockpit of RF4 awaiting catapult shot
Marine Pilot Roy Stafford (Shadow)
in cockpit of RF4 awaiting catapult shot

Roy grew up as a certified "airplane nut". His father was in Naval Aviation and Roy lived on many Naval Air Stations around the world. After a ground tour with the United States Marines, he went to Navy Flight Training and became qualified in many Naval Aircraft, but primarily the A-4 Skyhawk and the F-4 Phantom II.

His secondary military aviation specialty was as an aviation maintenance officer. After leaving the military he ran a successful business in California before selling it, and moving to Florida and starting a warbird parts business.

Over the next nine years, Roy traveled much of the world looking for rare military aircraft and parts. This led to him getting into the aircraft restoration business and the founding of Black Shadow Aviation. Black Shadow Aviation was founded along with Jim Lucas, a former fighter pilot and squadron mate of Roy's from the Marine Corps. The name was the combination of the two former Marines' radio call signs. " Black" was Jim Lucas, and " Shadow" was Roy Stafford. Black Shadow became one of the world's leading restorers of Museum quality, aircraft.

Roy in the cockpit of a BSA restored F4F-3 Wildcat
Roy in the cockpit of a BSA restored F4F-3 Wildcat

In addition, Roy became widely known in the industry as a source of knowledge and information for museums, collectors and aircraft owners worldwide. He also wrote many articles for national and international aviation periodicals, as well as magazines on subjects ranging from aircraft safety to aircraft history and contemporary comment.

In 1995 he was hired by Jack Erickson to go to Oregon and establish the Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum, taking the Museum from concept to grand opening in just six months. Roy is very proud of the fact that since that time, his and Jack's vision has resulted in Tillamook being the most visited, privately owned air museum in the nation, with over 100,000 average paid attendance each year.

Roy has since gone on to providing his expertise and consulting services to another military aviation museum.

Roy's experience covers the entire spectrum of the warbird community, from recovery to restoration, to author and consultant, to aviator. He is uniquely qualified and has demonstrated experience in helping others to reach their goals.