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Roy L. Stafford
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Amelia Island, FL 32035

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We provide valuable services to warbird owners, collectors, aviation archeologists, museums and enthusiasts worldwide. Send us an e-mail, or call us with your questions.


To see BSA's Hellcat Restoration process, click on each of the frames on the Thumbnail Panels below:

  • Hellcat Restoration: #1
    From original parts obtained from this...
  • Hellcat Restoration: #2
    And this...
  • Hellcat Restoration: #3
    And this...
  • Hellcat Restoration: #4
    And from an old crash site...
  • Hellcat Restoration: #5
    Coupled with the knowledge, skills and abilities of thousands of man-hours to make repairs, and to fabricate those parts that were missing...
  • Hellcat Restoration: #6
  • Hellcat Restoration: #7
  • Hellcat Restoration: #8
  • Hellcat Restoration: #9
    Black Shadow Aviation produced the final product, a worthy tribute to those heroes who flew them, and to those who made them fly and kept them flying!
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For owners and museums, we provide a service to locate hard to find parts for their warbirds and other historical aircraft. We can also advise, assist and provide warbird restoration consulting services. For collectors, we do the same, but also provide a means to sell aircraft, parts and other related items.

For enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, we provide guidance and help in aviation archeology, and the identification of aircraft and aircraft parts and/or related items that may have been located or found, and provide a means of recovering and marketing, or otherwise exhibiting or properly disposing of such long lost items of value.

We know that many lost aircraft, artifacts and parts have not yet been found or recovered. There exists aviation archeological treasure throughout the world hidden in old warehouses, junkyards, fields, lakes, oceans and forests that have yet to be discovered.

Much of it is valuable, some is not, but we can help you find it, and through our vast network, advise you on how sell, or otherwise dispose of the artifacts in a legal and appropriate way. Some aircraft and parts may require special attention and handling because they are considered special weapons, or international arms items that are strictly regulated. You need to be aware of any compliance issues. We can help by referring you to the proper regulatory agencies.


Black Shadow Aviation is a premiere warbird restoration resource, with exhibit samples in the Air Force Museum and the National Museum for Naval Aviation. Flying examples exist in both the US and other countries.

Will your restored warbird be a static display, or a flying restoration? Do you know where to find parts or have them fabricated for your restoration? Do you have the Technical Manuals for your warbird? Talk with us first, and find out what it takes to make one, or the other, in museum quality.

See the BSA Warehouse for our Worldwide Warbird Airplane and Parts Connection.