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As you can see, this site provides a connection for museums, warbird collectors, aviation archeologists and enthusiasts worldwide.

For years, Black Shadow Aviation has been a source for various museums, individual collectors and owners in locating hard to find aircraft and parts for the warbird community.

After traveling the world over and locating many valuable aircraft parts in junkyards, garages, barns, jungles, on islands and long forgotten warehouses, I have come to the conclusion that there is valuable treasure in aircraft and parts still out there that only locals are aware of their existence. In many instances, the locals have taken the presence of such treasures for granted and consider them junk which has been part of the landscape or area for many years, and have no knowledge of the potential value. They also don't know how to assess these treasures or how valuable some of the wrecks and parts really are. We fill this gap.

We will help identify any parts, wrecks or aircraft that anyone worldwide may know of, and give a fair market value to the owner. If the owner wishes to sell or trade their find, Black Shadow can put an owner and buyer together through its vast resources.

Please use our FORMS to tell us what aircraft and/or parts you are looking for, or want to sell. In this manner anyone, anywhere in the world will finally have access to the global market.

We will list anything related to warbird aviation, from parts and avionics, to manuals and wrecks, to whole aircraft.

To all fellow enthusiasts and aviation archeologists worldwide, talk to the locals, beat the bushes, comb the junkyards, and check the garages and warehouses for aviation treasure. Hey, no trespassing though. You find it and we'll get you a fair price for it!